Is the Mercury Capri a reliable car? Theres a listing for a 1992 Capri convertible for $1650.
We're only strays.
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I read as "Simple car burning question..."

"Should I break the windows and then throw in the torch?"

Oh! Oh!

"Do I need to siphon the gas out first?"
We're only strays.
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Not that reliable, but hella easy to fix.

As in the parts are cheap, or the engine is accessible?
We're only strays.
ithey're just mustangs, so it dont really matter about parts, I.E. Machanical.

other then that, its still a Pice o Shat ford product.
A grand prix is a pretty good deal.
They depreciate like mad(meaning you can get a couple year old model very cheap), but are sporty, reliable, and pretty fuel efficient (30mpg highway)
how many miles does it have? what kind of condition is it in? is this from a dealer or a private seller?

i need to know more to decide if thats a decent price or not.