Hey everyone, I'm looking for something that will true bypass my effects, and switch amps, need as many loops as possible. I also want to have presets that let me access any combination of those loops and amps. I've looked into the gigrig pro-14 and the GCX audio-switcher, but I want suggestions on what I should get. Anyone help me out? Thanks.
i just bought the Glab GSC. Does exactly what your talking about and at only 200 quid. It has 4 loops, will do amp switching AND act as a midi foot controller.

I have mine set up with my fave distortion stompbox, line6 delay mod' and dist' modellers, plus my amps distortion and I run a rack multi effects thru my amps effects loop, with the midi cable running to the GSC, so I have a little bit of everything in there, it provides me with MANY MANY options.

if 4 loops arnt enuff, you can daisychain 2 of them togeather to make 8 loops - pretty f'ing useful bit o kit if you ask me !!!!

its a funky unit and it has revolutionised the way i think of my guitar effects :-)


Here, this is by far the best on the market, and its simple + cheap.
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nah mate... its a cool unit, but certainly wont control effects, amp channels AND midi with the press of one button, the user would still have to dance around, unless you add effects in chains, which is still quite limiting in terms of programability.

the gsc will allow you to set up presets in banks and patches - giving the user total control over every piece of kit in his chain with the push of ONE BUTTON.

its here: http://www.glab.com.pl/gsc_en