This time edward norton is playing bruce banner. I hope its not a sequel to the one from 03. That movie was absolute shit.

I think if they go the way of batman and try to start it over the right way, it may have potential.
Yup, I think they're starting the whole thing off again.
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On my gravestone i want jesus and satan fighting with lightsabers. Or a big hand pointing to the grave next to me saying "I'm with stupid"

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yeah, and they need to not make the hulk freaking gigantic this time, that looked horrible.
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I hope the fight scenes get better. The last one didn't look like 2 ton monsters hitting eachother was brutal at all.
Yeah, I heard Robert Downy Jr. was cameo-ing as Tony Stark in this one, too.

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Im glad superhero films are starting to get good these days, hopefully this will be fantastic
theyre making it like the old tv show
when the hulk is always running from the government and trying to vaccinate himself w/ a "hulk antidote"
also since marvel is head producing (the only other head produced marvel film was iron man, marvel started head producing so they wouldnt have **** like hulk 1 or fantastic four) and since iron man was kickass i think the hulk will at least improve over hulk 1
Iron man is the best action movie I've ever seen. Also the only movie since 'there will be blood' where I wasn't so bored I wanted to walk out of the theater and smoke a cigarette.

And what, may I ask is with all the tom hanks in road to perdition avatars? Its like we only have three different members floating around.