hi guys, I have been playing the guitar for about 6 months now. I admire artists like Andy Mckee, John Butler, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz and basically I would really love to be able to play their songs smoothly.
What I currently know are most of the commonly used chords( C,G,A,E....etc). I can also do barre chords, though I can't really change between barre and open chords yet. But i understand that would come with practice.
Currently I'm also trying to learn some basic music theory from UG's theory lessons. I also understand it would be good for me to be proficient with the major,minor and pentatonic scales, hence I also try to make some time to practice my scales.
My question is basically, what else should I learn to be able to play songs from the genre that I enjoy?
After getting familiar with the various scales, how would I 'join' the scales up and turn it into some kind of a melody?
I know these are pretty tough questions, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Learn major and minor scales 1st.

chords construction.

challenge your self, learn songs.

learn arpeggio patterns.

take lots of exercises, fingerpicking,picking, strumming.

learn songs, play play play play....

andy's piece is complicated, and not for beginners.

play along the CD

record your playing and figure out what you we're doing thats not pro sounding.


what else...

enjoy it ^__^

thanks all
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