I am encountering this problem when picking.. it seems that when i play guitar, my pick kinda slip in the opposite direction.. Its hard to explain without a picture but think of it this way your holding the pick with your thumb and index finger (the standard way of holding a pick).. Holding it with an angle for easier picking then when playing i noticed that my index finger kinda coils back making the pick point in the opposite direction the pick is not rotating but the angle of the pick is changing.. im wondering if this situation is normal.. if not what should i do? thanks..
Wait, are you holding it with your index finger curled up or with it open?
Because if its curled up, I don't see how that can happen.
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if it's causing problems when playing then you should probably concentrate on keeping the pick in a steady position, otherwise it doesn't matter
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it only happens after playing for a longer period of time.. and im having trouble with it when sweeping sometimes...
i mean it only happens when im playing for longer periods of time and it annoys me to the fact that im no longer comfortable playing with my right hand (picking hand)..
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