Chasing Ghosts

you pray to god with the hands that will hit me
and you love him with the same heart that hates me
and i would drive dads car off the green bridge
if i knew i didnt have hope inside
because the graffiti on the bridge says **** you and i know
thats just the way i feel tonight

Burning down cities full of houses
i wont let the children grow old to die
becaue their is no point
in just breathing when they could end up feeling like me

i would turn up at your house
if i thought that youd spare me the time
but in the end you have you ideals and i guess i have mine
i love you so much
that my head even hurts and asks where are you tonight
whats the point in chasing ghosts
when thet just pass right through me everytime

im getting close to the bridge now
and im getting faster every second in time
and if the wall breaks then this was no mistake
im just victim of a mother i really wish was mine