The pyramids are nothing without the Nile
Teeth are useless if you never smile
peace is forgotten if their is no war
i give my best but you give more
i fear the day that i go blind
because i dont want to take my eyes off of you
together me and you

Your love is like gunfire in the dark
i heard it coming but dont know where it went
the world has looked better since we met
one day i will light up the sky
with whites and reds to show your name way up high
then i will watch the tears come down your face
love really is all the rage
i cant find the words to describe you today without lying but i do that anyway
every time i look at you and say
I cant find the words to say how i feel today
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Well, it doesn't really matter if a song has the same title... as long as the music and lyrics are different imo.

But on topic: Nice lyrics man . I feel I can relate to them, I know what it's like.
First four lines are great. The other three of that paragraph are a little cliche.
The second paragraph doesn't flow as good as the first and the lyrics aren't as good as the first but they do have alot of feeling.
This is a great effort, but re-think some of your word choices for the second paragraph. Don't touch the first four lines though, they are really good.
Great job none-the-less.
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you know the music from zelda that plays when you open a chest? that played in my head reading that headline.
Loads of songs have double titles, Its like a completely differant style and everthing so it doesnt really matter....
yeah i know what you mean by flow, but it works with the music so yaknow lol

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