when nobody believes you
it is common for you to
attempt to make them believe you
but you must realise that
it never really works
because that is what liars do
so instead just take a breath
and take a cup full of water
and throw it on your face
and shout and scream in a
falsetto voice until they
have no choice but to
recieve you.
and then they will believe you.

heltoid volkanna, aged 8.

I'm the man who turned up at your party and had a really good time until right at the end when he looked back over the night and realised that everyone was a bit stale and the atmosphere hadn't been that great.

love is a dog from hell.

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heltoid volkanna, aged 8.
Alex, if that is the author, you've put this in the wrong forum.
Ask a Mod to move it to Techniques for discussion.
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I wont be like those jerks who dedicate their beliefs to logic and reaosn.
if i'm grasping this in the way i believe it was intended; i liked it.

SYK, i believe that may be who the piece is about/subconcious author? a child needing attention? please correct me if i'm on the wrong track.

EDIT: thank you for the comment on my piece. i very much appreciate it.