Hey everybody. I am modding my two DS-1s that I got off ebay. One I am doing the Monte Allums Tri Gain Rectifier mod and the other I'm doing the Keeley ASE and Ultra mods. Im using the Allums kit but Im doing the Keeley Mod off some instructions found at random places but mainly here http://www.geocities.com/overdrivespider/DS1/keeleyds1.htm

Ok so anyway, I plan on posting here to show my progress and tell of any trouble that I run in to so if you want to do your own version of these mods, you can learn from my mistakes!

To begin with I ordered all of my parts from Small Bear Electronics and as soon as they come in, the modding is on. Check back.

Also, I know a ton of other people have done these too, so this isn't anything new. Its just a chronicle of my workings that I invite you to follow if you are modding pedals too.
alright so Im done with the Keeley mods. I can post some pics if you guys want. I got it the first time around and made a few little tweaks of my own. The pedal is now very useable. The bass gets a little flabby to my ears some times but the tone control now actually does something so you can fix that. Here is the link to some audio clips I recorded. Keeley Mod audio clips . There are 3 files: one is my clean strat showing different selector positions and playing positions for different tones, next is the stock Ds1, and then the Modded Ds-1. I change the settings about every 10 seconds to show a different range. Dont concentrate on the playing, just listen to the pedal. Everything was recorded direct into my computer into Cakewalk Music Creator with no EQ and no editing of any kind besides cutting dead space.

Ps. when you hear the buzz on the modded version, its because I had the distortion level all the way up...it was crazy. I also had to turn the pedal volume down because it was so much louder. It really did go up to 11!