a january '08 purchased xbox 360 halo edition w/ all stock accessories (wireless controller, cords, 20gb HD), assassins creed, gta4, cod4, skate, & madden '08 for $370?

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Quote by UtBDan
Non-gear stuff is fine in the gear forum; this is the "for sale/trade" forum. And also the "wanted" forum. It is the forum to deal with any sort of transaction, really, even if the title doesn't assign it that.

Taken from the "forum rules" thread. He can sell an Xbox 360 in here if he has one for sale. That's not in the actual rules but a few posts down and posted by the creator of the rules. You should read that thread before you post here telling someone their thread is wrong.
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fuzzyDXMG=GREAT buyer/trader, easy to deal with.