Hoi, I'm 17 year old guitarist from Sweden. Been playing for 3 years.
Just did a trashrecord of the song to see if I could play the whole song.. improvised alot but wth it went ok sometimes and good at other times. :P


Thanks for feedback, going to do some serious recordings soon with video.
Oh yea, I agree, it's overcovered.. so no need to tell me that! I love playing this song for the sheer fun of it.
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Your playing was really clean and sounded great, I liked it a lot!
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Thanks guys! =) I know i screw up at some of the improvisations but I think it sounds rather cool.
Thanks for the comment.
Great job on this, apart from the times when you improvise a bit, i can barely tell the difference between yours and the original, i liked the improvisation though, 10/10.
hey man, this sounded really good. i thought you did a good job of improvising and making it your own without completely changing the feel of the cannon rock...

not really much else to say...playing was pretty awsome though...
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hey, good work! Not very familiar with the piece, and couldn't distinguish between improvisation and the actual piece. The recording also sounded really good. I also think you should get jason finished!!!
Just made a fast mix.. gonna keep building the song from the point it is at now. What do you think? Gonna mix abit more. =)

C4C ofc!
thanks for the crit :-D

one of the best covers of this I have heard in a long time. good mixing, good tone, perfect playing. the improv was pretty cool. you had the jerryc type of shred licks going on, pretty cool. very clean sweeping as well which was a high point, considering this song does well with crazy arpeggios. well done!
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors