I've been working on writing a lot of original stuff, but most of the time I can usually just get an intro riff or chorus out.

I've been trying recently to work on expanding this pedal tone riff. (Its up on my profile, listen if you want to have an idea of how it sounds. Also..ignore the crappy distortion, I don't have a mic so the recording is done straight into the computer.) And I was wondering if anyone here could help me expand my songwriting skills.

Thanks in advance. =]

Also, if this is the wrong part of the forum my bad, I just figured I need help with songwriting, so I'd come to the songwriting part of the forums.
But...why would you bake a cake in the woods? No one bakes a cake in the woods! :O

You just need to write more. In my case the ability of expanding single riffs into whole songs came with time, naturally.

But you could get some insight into music theory, or play more different stuff to help yourself accomplish your goal.

Good luck.
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