Hey guys,

I play bass in a punk/metal band called mantus based in Derby in the UK. We have just finished a quick EP and I've upload 2 samples from it on my profile : -

Mantus - Took my life
Mantus - Out to get you

Please check them out and offer any advice, crits etc. I will listen and rate yours in exchange.

These are only samples and the full songs will be on myspace later tonight.


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considering thats not really my type of music, I think they're pretty neat I think Took my Life is better than Out to get you though.
Took my life - very cool riffs. The flow is great. I'm not a fan of yelling into the mic... and the vocals sound a little contrived.. but then I guess thats just his style. At least he's consistent throughout the song, there's something to be said about that.

Out to get you - the riff reminds me of Ministry. Thats pretty cool.

The bass playing sounds pretty tight on both of these recordings... doesn't stand out much, but thats because you're hitting the timing well. Good job.
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