Was talking to the local custom guitar shop about a custom Thunderbird, and they said they were not comfortable to play because there was no "horn" sticking up and to the left for the strap to go on, so that makes the bass stick out too far, and the end of the neck is really far away.

Well, I got to looking, and there is a "horn", it's just on the bottom.

So anyway, I was wondering, does anybody ever play these things upside down? I mean, if you took a left handed Thunderbird and strung it like a right handed one and played it backwards, then, problem solved... you still have the cool shape but now you have a horn to attach the strap to further out towards the end of the neck. Seems like if you were custom building it and could put the controls on the bottom it would be even better.

Do people ever do this or is this a dumb idea, and if so, why? Probably looks stupid but I figured I'd ask.
Gibson (and Epiphone) have made non-reverse T-birds in the past.
or you could buy a fender jaguar bass, it'll look how you want and sound infinitely better
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or you could buy a fender jaguar bass, it'll look how you want and sound infinitely better

Bingo. The non-reverse thunderbird stopped production because Fender sued over a copied design.
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I think these '65 non-reverse basses look pretty good:

I suppose Jag basses aren't dissimilar:
The Thunderbird was origionally created upside down, but fender sued gibson for it looking too much like the jaguar. This is why most modern day tbirds are called "reverse thunderbirds", the non reverse thunderbirds are very hard to find nowadays.
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Man, I never realized how bloody similar the non-reverse T-Bird and the Jazzmastaguar look. I thought Gibson was just getting a taste of their own medicine, but they really, really do look strikingly similar.
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