ok its a marshall MG15DFX.i bought it because its called "Marshall" and marshall is one of the most popular amps in the market.but when i turned it on it sounded like crap.there was so much feedback and buzzing coming from the amp(even with the gain at only 5).even when i went 8 feet away nothing improved.so please tell me whats wrong here
you should have don reasearch before purchasing it. MGS only have the marshall name, they are not tube and they have garbage sound.

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

your amp has AMP-AIDS
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It could be your input jack on the amp or your instrument cord

no no its alright
I think the lesson here is to not just by something because it's got a name brand. For goodness sake, at least play it first.
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ok its a marshall MG15DFX

theres the problem.

on a serious not take it back that s not right try a new lead before doing so though

edit: if you can try your guitar with a different amp it might not be grounded properly
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You fell for a good advertising campaign. The marshall name has become like gibson. They can make anything they want now and people will line up to buy it. Doesnt matter if its any good. And to make things worse you got big names saying how great they are because there is money involved. Fortunatly you only bought the little 15 imagine if you had layed out the money for one of the M'anhood' G'reatener' 100dfx. Everybody needs some sort of little practice amp to drag around.