I play in a group with some violins, violas, bass, another guitarist(on some songs), and a drummer. we play mostly acoustical ,blue-grassy stuff. but on one song (Hysteria by Muse) i play electric guitar. i am playing on a fairly new guitar but has been played enough where the strings are stretched out enough and the guitar has been intonated. But when i am playing the same part as the violins(same notes) my guitar sounds out of tune.......any sugestion....i do tune the guitar before the song....but it always goes out of tune.....it doesnt go out of tune at home or in practice ....only at shows......i have a show today at 4 so immediate help is needed!
I would like to think that but these violinists are amazing...and the only one i play the same part as is always intune...she has been playing most of her life.
Do you notice a higher temperature when you're playing at shows? High temperatures will cause the strings to expand and slide causing them to go out of tune. This happened to my guitar when I took it out of the case to go on stage.
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If the violin players are as good as you say they should be able to adjust to match you :-p

I was going to say temperature as well, but if you tune RIGHT before the song, there's no way it should drop that much.
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ya i tune the guitar right before the song....one of the violinists does a 2 min solo...so it gives me a min to get set up and everything....ya i can definatly tell that its really out of tune on the out door shows. with the temp and everything...but even on the indoor shows....its out....well im gona take the guitar and take it outside some...and see how the strings react...and if it is severe im gona change the strings....any that you suggest? i need the guitar for my heavy metal stuff too.....i guess u can say that i am a string torturure...lol....but any way thanks il get back to u guys if i have more problems