how could I add pin stripes to a randy rhoads style guitar
i was planning to get an esp edwards RV-148 in white and then add pinstripes cus i just LOVE em rhoads with pin stripes

now the catch:
I do not have any experience whatsoever doing these things but i'm pretty sure i can pull off a good job as i am not completely useless of a person

i am asking what would be the most efficient method and possibly cheapest though i would not sacrifice quality for price as i would like this to look DAMN good

so please anyone would tell me as precisely as possible how i would go about this
use tape to make the lines, i'm not sure what type of paint to use though
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First scuff sand the face of the guitar. Mask it off completely and then draw the outline of your pinstripes on the masking tape with the aid of a straightedge. Make sure you're satisfied with the thickness and flow and everything and then whip out the exacto knife. Then, again using the straightedge (which should of course not be made from wood or cookie dough, but some sort of metal) you simply cut the pinstripes as accurately as you possibly can.

I don't know what paint you should use, because I'm not familiar with foreign brands, but the upside here is that since you're getting it on white you won't have to worry much about coverage. Anyways, once you've got the stripes sprayed on you peel of the masking tape, wetsand it to get rid of the sharply raised borders and then you clearcoat.

...at least that's how I'd do it, but I am not an authority.