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her words
1 25%
small and
2 50%
we speak
1 25%
the helix
3 75%
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and all the come fort food I eat makes me look this wide

Small and in dire need of light from this flame,
I choke out every whim and wish for the dark of night to erase my name.
Look over and I see the rise and fall of...
I reach over and feel her, kiss her, then leave her, and miss her.
The cycle has begun again.
To close a door,
The wound of the war.
Armed with only true words and lying eyes,
her front porch has never felt so alone.

We Speak Our Vows In Red

Love’s a lot like a crazy straw,
you can have all the loops and turns in the world,
but the taste is still the same.

Sour like lemon juice,
but sweet like fruit punch.

Such an odd thing
for punch to be so few words in front of love
and with drunk not to be found.

Makes me think of the days
where we would sleep away our pain
one pill at a time,
one kill at a time,
as we let blood speak for my heart and yours
to push from each night to the next.

But the sun would only ever bring
a knife to the chest
that could not hide horns,
even with halos at their best.

And the moon works in other ways,
With a crash upon our lust
That lit your eyes with death
And grand, fatal waves.

It would have been such a great spree,
if those dying,
were more than just you and me.

---The Helix---

Slink like a limp helix;
creep your way into the heart
of many and under the feet of few.
If they stomp on you,
it just means they love you.
Flesh door mat.