At 1:58 he gets that really cool sound and I'm trying to figure out what he's using for it. I can tell he's using a Digitech Whammy and some delay at 1:42, but I have no idea what makes that awesome noise at 1:50 and 1:58.

Any help would be appreciated.
1:50 is a wah or a cry effect

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envelope filter would be my guess
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Octaver + Flanger + Envelope Filter. Maybe wah as well.
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I think he hits an envelope filter at 1:43 and then it sounds like he uses his wah pedal at those 2 points. I have been trying to figure it out myself since I saw him in concert the other day. I walked up to the stage to get a look at his pedalboard but they packed it up like 10 seconds after he left the stage. It sounds cool on the video but absolutely freakin amazing live.
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damn thats awesome. Envelope filters for sure.