let me explain before someone munches me... (ultimateguitar and all that)

but this project could appeal to a lot of people!

mainly i need electronics help, but input on a fantasmagoriacal colour scheme wouldnt go amiss.

basically i found my dad's old synth/keyboard and decided it was time for me to broaden things a bit from just playing guitar.

this badboy is going to be my wee project.

Basically, its not working. I have stripped it and cleaned it so far and found out why...

The input 9v DC jack inside is broken, plastic smashed and the solder connection busted. It must have suffered a fall

Firstly, before i do anything, is it possible to fix this? By just buying the new piece and getting it soldered in the right way?

Second... where can i actually find one! ive been google-ing and ebay-ing for ages with no real results, mainly because im unsure of its proper name. (Uk supplier would be even better)

and a third key question... because it has been hit with some force, there is a crack in the printed circuit board, nothing too big and doesn't go all the way through. Will this cause a problem? (nothing has been disrupted, all components in place)

And for the fun bit... since ive stripped it down this far. Im going to give it a new colour scheme... i was thinking an all over luminous orange or something like that. Ideas?

Just thought i'd put lots of info in this first post to see if anyone could help, sorry if its all wrong :/
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if there is a crack in the circuit board then its a bit dubious as to where it will work as most commercial circuit boards actually have the circuit inside the board. i believe your looking for a dc connector? have you tried looking on maplin? they usually have anything that is to do with electrics.

as far as the colour goes, i say psychadelica (like teh hippy death out of family guy)
that was my thought about the circuit board...

but there is really only one way to find out!

and maplin was the first place i looked. zilcho. altho they usually have a lot of these small parts in store so ill be taking a look.

haha! yeah... i could even try a swirl! oooft... *mental image of tripped out keyboard**

i liiiiiike..
that is true, tehre is only one way to truly test if it works. i think the tripped out keyboard would be a good look.
i hope it works and you find what you need,

Good luck
Look at Rapid Electronics for the spare part, they're sometimes cheaper than Maplin. As for the circuit board, try and test the continuity of any traces that cross over the crack. If they're broken you should be able to solder across the crack. If it's an old synth there are unlikely to be any traces inside the board, because multilayer PCBs are quite a recent thing.
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trying to bump this thread... looks like im getting somewhere now ive got time school has finished (=

basically... maplin helped:

but, this thing is clearly at right angles to the original jack.
the dude suggested using bits of wire to make the connections between the PCB and the jack.

Is this even possible? can i just solder a bit wire into the PCB? will i have to scrape stuff away so i can get a connection?

help is hugely appreciated. =)
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well thats good to hear at least :-|

any more helpful help?

or shall i just ram a wire in the hole of the board and hope for the best?