I posted this in the Pit, quite foolishly so as well. So hopefully I get more replies here? Can someone who's done the course or knows enough about it answer some questions for me please?

1. Too late to apply for the 2008/09 course...

2. Do I need any formal education? Like a GCSE or A Level? I don't really know any solid music theory, but I have played for a bit more than 2 years and picked up a few things, can answer the multiple choice questions myself because of what I've picked up.

3. For the improvisation recording, when they say they want rhythm in two contrasting styles, do they mean in the same track? Or do I have to record two tracks in two different styles?

4. Are the short pieces on the last pages, the sheet music and the tabs, the same? I'm thinking of transcribing the sheet music on to guitar pro to help in just nailing it, but if they aren't the same I won't do that. Wouldn't want to pass myself off as better than I really am =P
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