hey everyone..i was wondering if someone could help me. I just got a new laptop with Window's Vista on it, and on my old desktop computer(which has Windows XP), are all my music and guitar pro files, and I was wondering how I could connect these two over a network? The desktop is connected to the router via an ethernet cable and the connection between the laptop and the router is wireless. If anyone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated as I don't have any other means of transferring my music other than cds or dvds..which i'm out of. I've tried everything I can think of and tried looking it up on google but couldn't find anything specific to my situation.

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For XP:

First thing you do is make sure they are connected on the same router for sure. Once you're sure they are then:

Right click on My Computer, go to Properties (Alternatively: go to Start Menu, Control Panel, System) then go to the Computer Name tab and note the Computer Name and Workgroup. You then must find the same thing on Vista (sorry I don't know if it's different) and make sure that for both of them the Workgroup is the same.

Once that is done (and you have restarted if you had to change anything), go to a folder that you want to share on one of the computers, Right Click -> Properties -> Sharing -> "Share this folder on the network"

Then go to the other computer, open My Network Places, and you should see the folder. If you do not, try typing \\COMPUTERNAME\FOLDERNAME in the address bar, where COMPUTERNAME is the "Full computer name." box you saw when you were looking at the workgroup and FOLDERNAME is the name of the folder you shared.
On your XP PC go to my computer, right click on the C drive and click share. Then on the vista PC go to my network places then computers and devices? I'm not sure if thats right but I think so.
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