I know that in an average of 7.5 days scabs will form over the spots, then in around another week the scabs will fall off.

Now, the scabbing could take 10 days, and I'm seeing my girlfriend in 16 (I'm already around 2 or 3 days in). Now, I'm seeing my girlfriend in 16 days because it's long distance.

My question is: is there anything I can use to decrease the time it takes for the scabs to heal and fall off?

I'm thinking a moisturiser or antiseptic cream, but I'm a noob


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A grinder.

I think that there is a lotion, but go to your drug store and ask the pharmacist.
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I'm 16, I have had them before but I didn't build up a good resistance against it because it was a piss weak case
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... where is this scab on your body? How did it happen?

Well...it's chickenpox,work it out?
I don't think I've had em yet and I'm close to 16... O noes!
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I had them but they weren't itchy, it was the best two weeks off school ever.

Ask a pharmacist
aaah mine aren't itchy either XD

So yeah, lotion from the pharmacist like the best bet

Thanks guys
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