I'm thinking of making a Fender J-bass lookalike with pretty much from scratch but with a J-bass body if I can.

I'm thinking of including:

- BadassII bridge
- Either a p & j pickup config or two jazz pickups (need advice on this i.e. whether its active or passive, and what make)
- Alder body
- Pickguard so I can cover up cavities easily.
- Maple neck with maple fingerboard.
- Mother of pearl inlays.
- A hockey stick style headstock or a telecaster style one (not too sure about this)
- Fretted.
- Volume for each pickup, tone for each and 'hopefully' a 2/3 band eq.
- Maybe on/off switch for pickups (not sure about this maybe not but could be useful..)
- A bolt on neck, rather than set in as I tend to bash guitars around
- Side mounted jack
- 22 or 24 frets.
- 5 string if it can be affordable but a 4 string is good as well.

Also is there a kisakae style thing for making bass guitars as I want to make a mockup to show you what i'm on about. Also will be getting rhino to do the plans.

I have a budget of around £300 so what do you guys think?
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you wont manage it with only 300 quid.
just buy a fender

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I think you'll manage, but I suggest buying the neck and making the body yourself instead of the other way arround, the body is rather easy and a neck is really hard.
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