if you dont mind, i would like to know the religion of you, if you are ashamed of it, strongly belive in it, and if you actually like it. this is for a school project im doing. if you are wondering, i am Catholic, i strongly belive it, and yea i actually like it.
I am atheist, I strongly believe it, and I enjoy it.
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I love being an agnostic
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Athiest, very strongly believe I'm right. I like it.
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Raised Catholic but doesn't embrace it, not baptized. I don't know what my religion is and, frankly, I don't care.
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I'm agnostic. I don't see the logic of denying either a God nor the scientific creation theory. I mean if there is a God he can do anything and make evidence supporting anything, therefore it may be possible to prove a God exists but not disprove one.
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if your a devote catholic how come your name is surge666? kind of ironic

haha, good one, surge is the nickname i have (in my school everyone goes by last names and mine is hard to pronounce), the "666" is kinda stupid, its because i listen to and play alot of metal that have aggressive and apacolipitc lyrics. that dosent mean im a bad person does it? three numbers?