10-direct outputs for recording and 2 return inputs for monitoring

Does this mean that all the channels will record to one channel of a recording software?


EDIT sorry thats not entirely clear. let me phrase it differently:

When i have 3 channels used on the mixer, when i record with cubase will it record all three channels into separate channels of cubase or will it all merge into one?
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USB mixers will only send a single stereo track down the USB cable since thats all USB can move...
If you want to keep all the inputs on separate tracks, (thats recommended...) get yourself a firwire interface.

BTW, these mixer interfaces are not the best...usually because you can mix with recording software these days. The only thing the mixer does is change levels and EQ before the recording chain making changes to those EQ settings impossible. So most of the time you will be recording with the mixer on the same settings anyways.

I would go with something like an 8 input firewire interface. PreSonus makes the Fire Project Studio for around $500 new.
Yeah, most people go with the USB mixers to increase the amount of inputs, without spending Firewire money. I don't necessarily think that it's always bad, if it's the only way you can afford to record drums (although you'd have to put some effort into making them perfect before recording, obviously) but it's certainly not ideal.

The best solution is to go with what moody said, or you could look for a similar model to the mixer you mentioned that uses Firewire.
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