I decided that for the summer I'm going to mod my old Squier Standard Telecaster. I already have a Schecter S-1 with '59 Seymour Duncans and I'm not looking to buy a new guitar - I really just want to learn how to work and upgrade a guitar.

So Which pick ups should I get? I'm looking to get something that sounded like George Harrisons' Telecaster during the Let It Be sessions or Eric Claptons sound with the yardbirds. I guess I'm looking for a more classic rock sound as opposed to blues sound.

Also, I really want to work on the body and put some kind of cool design on it, anyone have any information on how to do this?
What's the price range on the pickups?
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I'm pretty open on the Pick ups, but probably below $200. And yeah, i want to keep it single coiled.