okay so my girlfriend just got the ibanez jumpstart package (four string bass, amp, bag, etc) and she says that theres feedback on the amp. i dont know what her amp settings are set to but is there a way to cut down on feedback? she said that she put the guitar tone all the way up and that cut down on it but is there anyone with experience with this??

btw does anyone know if theres some easy songs or scales for her? she wants to player closer by lacuna coil and shes getting it down, but just wondering as a tip...
i don't know what kind of amp it comes with, but there may be a Pre-Gain Post-Gain setting. Toggling with those may cut it down. Also being further aways might help.

Check out Blink-182 songs. Some fast picking for a beginner but fretting isn't hard.
Have your girlfriend check out the forum FAQ and the I need bass songs to learn thread. There are some great suggestions for new bass players and easy songs. There are some good lessons on UG for bass as well. If she's a "book learning" type person, have her get the Hal Leonard Bass Method books I - III.

As far as feedback--does she face the amp when she plays? That's an obvious cause to eliminate.

And tell her to register with UG and start posting any other questions she might have; we're here to help and I always like to see more bass chicks posting out here!