Any thoughts on a good (preferably solid state) amp for jazz? I want something smaller then my 50lb tube amp, because I have to go up a flight of stairs both ways to take it. Any suggestions? I don't know exactly what my price range is, since I won't need it until October, so nothing too high, probably not higher then $400. Any suggestions appreciated!

EDIT: I DON'T need another tube amp, already have a good one! Solid state would fit the genre a bit more.
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Roland Cubes

for jazz, really?
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Gigable wattage?
Used Jazz Chorus, not sure on weights though.
Maybe a cube if you can dig it, I'm pretty sure the clean is based on the JC amps.

(+1) Blues Jr. is a good tube suggestion.

man up and lug that 50 pounder :P
/what amp is it your using now
blues junior.

or what hiphopopotamus said, a used Roland Jazz Chrous.
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^the jc 120 is 60lbs.
the jc-90 is 50lbs.

i got a chorus 60. 12lbs. haha. it's fun for me. but im guessing he's going to want a blues junior or similar.

my blues jr was 32lbs. not a bad amp. depends on how you're using it tho.

ive got a back problem, so i always check amp weights.

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I'm using my Crate Vintage Club 30, 30 watt all tube. Really nice, Fender or Vox-like cleans, it's just really heavy. I'll probably use it for concerts, just I need an amp I can bring to the school every Thursday. If I like the other amp enough, I'll probably use it for shows, only because my VC3112's cleans are a little too treble-y.
'89 MIJ Fender Strat
Rivera S-120
'60s PEPCO Model 211 5w head
'60s Paul (Pepco) 1x12 tube amp
'60s Harmony H303a 1x10 tube amp
Traynor Dg65r.

Extremly Versatile

65 SS Watt.

Around 500$

High quality ss and pretty impressive for the price
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The Polytone Mini-Brute is the perfect amp for you. Seriously. I doubt that there is even a better portable jazz amp in that price range.
110 watts
26 lbs
And it sounds amazing
you can find them for under $400 used
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^ooo that looks like a cool jazzer amp

Maybe a Pignose, theses normally don't get a lot of love, but one of my teachers/mentors of the jazz and blues school teaches lessons on one so I've had some experience with it. Quality isn't the greatest, but low price and low weight makes it something to consider.


Only 28 lbs, and you can get a decent jazz sound out of it. I don't really remember if the headroom is enough for band practice, but I wouldn't doubt it. Try one out if you can.