Hey guys

Recently ive been listening to some def leppard, and i really love how steve clark and phil collen worked off of each other.
Does anyone know how they aranged their guitar parts, both rhythm and lead?


i specifically didnt put this in the def leppard thread, because its not dealing with their songs themselves, more so how they made their songs.

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If I remember rightly, and I'm frequently wrong on such matters, but they would come in with material and play it for the band. The other would then in turn play off of it; similar to most guitar tandems in rock.
There's a lot of major scale riffs in Def Leppard songs, that's what gives them that poppy, upbeat feel. Here's a few examples....

Pour Some Sugar On Me

That was quite a contrast to the more common trend of having rock songs in minor keys - indeed it's a bit tricky to write a rock song in a major key and not sound country You'll also find that they tend to be on the played quite high up, typically around the top 3 strings as opposed to the lower strings where riffage normally occurs. A Def Leppard trademark is a a staccato riff built around a major third and a palm-muted root.
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def leppard is amazing and i love the terror twins!
steve especially. he died to soon but now we know he's in a better place and not miserable anymore. <3
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A lot of Def Leppard riffs are written using very basic major third or perfect fourth intervals, and as steven seagull mentioned, they're also often written using primarily the top three strings.