Well, Since I SEARCHED, (OMFG YES, SEARCH ) for a Official Dog thread and came up with Nil results. I now proclaim this thread, well, unless it needs to be officialised or something, the OFFICIAL DOG THREAD.

Here you can talk about anything to do with DOGS. <3, and how brilliant they are as Man's best friend. Post Pictures and stuff, talk about anything from your cute little Jack Russel to your Yorkshire Terrier.

I'll start.

I own three dogs, a Jack Russel called 'Snoopy' (named after the cartoon because he looks similar as he's got flat black and white dog hair.

my 2nd is a Black Flat-coat Retriever called 'Lucy'

and my third is called 'Jack' a Flat Coat retriever puppy that we got about 7 months ago.

I <3 them all lots.


Here's one of them.

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i've got great danes. when i move out i'm having no pets ever, they are so annoying.
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our Chocolate Labrador pwns!!

need a pic on this computer though.
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Our dog is getting put down on wednesday, she's been on deaths doorstep for the last couple of months (she's 16) so we decided to put her out of her misery. She can hardly walk so we'll get the vet to come round our house. I'm used to pets dying we've gone through 6 so far so although she will be missed it's not the end of the world. Sorry to put a dampener on everyone. R.I.P Tasha.
I want one

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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
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<Massive picture of a bear here>

RARRARAR ure scren iz myn.

My dog is used to eat bears in its native Japan.
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i love labradors. they're sweet.


tell me that these are not beautiful and awesome.

Those are not beautiful and awesome.

I like dawgs. I want to get a bearded colly and name it Blood. Biggest E-cookie ever to who knows which dog I'll be naming him after.
We're only strays.

Sorry for the size

Her name is Amber and she is small and fat and hates cuddles. :<
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Sorry for the size

Her name is Amber and she is small and fat and hates cuddles. :<

LOL she hates cuddles? aaawwwww...

Also, is this possible:

And whats going through that lady's head?
We're only strays.