Hey, I saw this guy today about to throw this guitar in the trash. So i bought it from him for 5 dollars. Im really thinking about fixing it up. Seems like he is an idiot for throwing this away, stupid little punk. Anyways the input jack is broken and the neck is cracked, any one got any ideas on how to fix this?
Also can any one tell me about this guitar? It says on the head that its an Ibenez EX series. On the back where the neck meets the body that little metal plate says
9106318 if thats any help.
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well, Ibanez have bolt-on necks so that will just entail buying a new neck. which can get pricey but it depends on where you get it. the input jack would probably be a really fast fix too. a cheap replacement part and some soldering would do it. then you could have some fun with it like a paint job and new pups and stuff.
As for a cracked neck, ouch... Depending on where and how it is cracked it might be ok, fixable or garbage. One of the worst case scenario would be a crack running down the neck, with the grain. To fix you would have to glue and clamp it which is a really crude way of fixing it. A luthier or just your common guitar guy could probably fix it no problem.

Another thing you have to look at is the neck warped?

As for the input jack, you can probably replace the whole electronics excluding the pickups for 20.

I gotta ask, why didnt you just wait till he was gone and grabbed it from the trash and save yourself 5 bucks? Thats how i got my first bass...
i didnt wait because i was scared he was going to do to this guitar what he did to the other one. He also had some firstact guitar, which he desided he might as well feel what its like to be a rockstar and busted it on the pavement. It was painful to watch.