Just a song i put together. i wrote the solo in 5 minutes so its not anything special. All im having trouble is the transition between the intro and verse and other transitions. Please Comment
Untitled Song.zip
I like the intro/main riff thing.
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I liked it...for a "rough draft" it was pretty cool, send it to me when it is finished. My only criticism is that the only time both guitar tracks seperate is during the solo. Possible give both guitars different things to do, like in my head I heard a cool little melody for the bridge.
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i'd say it was decent so far. the best part is the acoustic with the drums (i love that drum part btw)

other than that, your drums are really bland, and your riffs sound too much alike.

you should switch it up a bit, and spice up the drums here and there.

Drums fills often make good transitions.

i think after 46 you should switch to the same riff the acoustic plays, but distorted, it would be a cliche thing to do, but it seems it would fit really well there.

Bar 80 needs something. at least hold the note through that measure.

Decent solo.

i also felt your guitars needed a bit of variety. they always play the same thing, try at least doing harmonies, or maybe rhythm and lead work.

Also need a bass :P

this sounds like it has some good things that COULD be going for it, if you edit, and add the right things. It's kinda boring as is though.

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Overall, I thought your song was pretty good:

I loved the acoustic intro and thought that it sounded pretty unique.
Once the distorted guitars came in, they gave the song a sort of kick ass punch in the mouth (in a good way).
I wish I could say the same for the verse riff. It sounds cool at first, but it gets a little repetitve and sounds sort of generic. Same goes for the bridge.
The chorus is kind of the same way, but then the acoustic guitar comes back in and sort of adds a little variety.
I thought the solo was really tasteful. I'm glad that you didn't go into some guitar wanking shred fest (I don't think it would have fit with the rest of the song).
All in all, I thought your composition was really good, but it could use some improvements.
Keep up the good work, man.

Crit mine, please?
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I like it for the most part. It was a little repetitive, but also very structured. Maybe try and be a little more creative, add some soul to the solo too. Nice big bends and stuff. Keep up the good work though.