Does anyone know what's up with my boss chorus pedal. It works fine when it's the only pedal between my guitar and amp, but if I add another pedal into the signal the chorus pedal becomes very loud when turned on--too loud for me to use it. Is this normal, or is there something wrong with my pedal... Can a noise suppressor fix the problem?
Thanks to anyone who posts.
Maybe it needs a buffer? Try using contact cleaner? I wish I had a CE-2.
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if the other pedal has a volume control on it, check that.
ex. Line-6 UberMetal into a Vox Wah Pedal. The UberMetal has a level (volume) know and changes the volume of the signal
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are you sure it's not the other pedal you're using? try switching up the order, or just the other pedal, see if that helps
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Thanks everyone. I know for sure it's the chorus pedal because I've already experimented with different pedals and amps... it's the same problem every time when I turn on the chorus pedal.
What does BleedDeathMetal mean by a buffer or cleaner?