I need money so I can buy a plane ticket (Family Problems) and I don't have much and I was wondering:

How much do you think I'd make if I sold a roll of film from the theater unused (Cloverfield Trailer #2)

I seriously need the cash and I need to sell quite a few things but I don't really have anything anyone would want...I do have my instruments (guitar,bass, and keyboard) but I don't want to sell those if I don't have to.

My bass has a paint chip the size of two average sized finger nails. I don't think I'd make much money selling it since it has the chip but you never know. Do you guys think the difference in value would be huge if the chip wasn't there compared to it being there?

The plane ticket could be from 3-500.

The price of the roll of film will decide if I sell my bass/keyboard, and if I have to, My guitar.

How much do you think I can make off of it?
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I forget the name of it right now.

I have considered going to somewhere popular like near the beach and playing guitar there. Don't think people ever made much money doing that though.
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the bass shouldnt lose too much value just because of a chip in the paint. if its a nice bass, it should still be worth a decent amount.
I doubt that would be worth much at all, at least currently.

You can make quite a lot busking, just be considerate where you do/have any necessary permits.