Well I hope this is the last what amp thread I make.

Hear is my final chioces

peavy 6505/5150 or Mesa Boogie rectoverb.

Now I have three questions.

1- How does the sound differ in the combos versus the head becouse I would probly get the combo version of either?

2- I know the 6505 doesn't have fender cleans but can it get mettalica cleans and how does it compare to the rectoverb cleans?

3-Wich is better and is there realy that much of a difference in quality (I am looking for high gain like becoming the archetype, the devil wears prada, lamb of god, arch enemy stuff)?

Like always other amps will be considered for high gain stuff has to be at least 2 channels around 50 watts and have an effects loop.

Well 2 more questions

Does 50-60 watts realy sound much louder than 15?

Can the clean or solo channel on the 6505 get enof gain for like classic van halen solos or zakk wylde solos or even metal solos (I don't like my solos to have much gain)

Hopefully my last thread and like always ty
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Rectoverb wins in nearly every category. Cleans blow the 5150 away. Quality's much better. It's got a different gain structure from the 5150, but most people would say it sounds nicer.

Still, you definitely need to try both.

And.. 50 watts is giggable nearly anywhere. 15 watts needs to be mic'ed pretty much everywhere but a small bar- type gig.
I have treid both and liked both could get good tones out of both of them for gain never realy tried the clean channel on the 6505 though.
Amp-5150 Block Letter

Cab-Recto 4x12

Guitar-Jackson DKMG

Pedals-to many to name
The mesa cleans are much better.
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