Irecently bought the M Audio 02 USB MIDI controller, currently plugging the MIDI into my TASCAM US 122L MIDI IN and the USB into the computer. My question is the M audio doesn't have a MIDI out so where should the MIDI out go?
With midi you run Inputs to outputs.

So if you have n output on a keyboard, run that to the input on a MIDI interface
Same goes for outs, they go to the ins on any interface.

Midi controllers only need an output jack since they dont have any on board sound or speakers. These units are just used to control software or hardware synths and control your parameters on screen. You cant feed MIDI into them and get audio out.

Tweaks guide has some good MIDI topics, look over them. It's linked in my sig.
With the controller you have, it doesn't sound as if you'd need a MIDI cable at all, unless you wanted to use it to trigger sounds from hardware sound modules. It should just work through USB, like M-Audio's other USB MIDI offerings.
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