I'm currently looking at getting a Limited Edition Alpine White Epiphone G-1275 for £540. Before I go ahead and spend so much though, I was wondering if anyone here knew of better buys. I've searched myself and come up with no other twin necks that can compare, but UG'ers never cease to surprise me with oddball brands or such.

What I absolutely must have is:
- Twin neck electric guitar, one 12-string and one 6-string.
- Passive humbuckers.
- Mahogany or basswood body.

And preferences are:
- 24.75" scale on the 6-string neck.
- A fairly thick neck, nothing like an Ibanez or ESP neck.
- Set or thru-neck neck joins.
- If anyone knows of any, a twin neck where the 12-string is below the 6-string would be a huge selling point, though searching myself it looks like you can only get that on custom made guitars?
- Looks are kind of important to me. I would prefer black or white guitars, and no Telecaster types.

Price limit is about £600.
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if you want to build one, www.warmoth.com

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Nope there's little to compete with the Epi - the 'budget doubleneck' market's pretty limited.

Thomann's house brand 'Harley Benton' used to make a doubleneck for around £200 but it seems to have disappeared from the site. Obviously not the greatest quality, but well priced for a novelty.