Not really "new", both of these songs were recorded back in March, but I just joined UG not long ago so I hope you enjoy 'em anyway info on tracks is in the profile.



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Hi, I listened to Night Cry.

I gotta say, this was quite impressive. The background sound was well controlled, and the mixing was ace. I guess my main problem was that the lead at some points took a "happy" turn and almost started to remind me of ukelelelelellelele (can't spell that damn work), specifically with the nylons at the beginning. It just sort of lost the mood that I had hoped for. It had such an ace "dark" feel going on in most of it, and then the little parts where you left that came as sort of a shock. It was more forgivable in the solo, because it was sort of the "explosion" if you will. But yeah, your playing was fantastic, I just didn't like the mood shifts.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=863791
(forgive hte quality of recording, all I have it an XBox headset jerry-rigged to fit the compy and a soundcard from 98)