This is my screen: http://www.acer.ca/public/page4.do?link=oln56.redirect&dau22.oid=36082&UserCtxParam=0&GroupCtxParam=0&dctx1=27&CountryISOCtxParam=CA&LanguageISOCtxParam=en&ctx3=-1&ctx4=Canada&crc=497681836

It runs at a max resolution of 1440 x 900, which is nice and all, but I was wondering if I could amp it up to 1660 x 1200, or another resolution that is proportional to 1440 x 900.

I have the option of setting my resolution at that, but a rectangle will float about my screen that reads, "input not supported".

Is there a way to get around this?
1440x900 is your max bro.

edit: if thats your screen, then your max is 1920x1200. maybe you need to buy a better graphics card.
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That's not how LCDs work.

For every pixel in that 1440x900, there is a physical pixel on your monitor. Look closely and you can see the squares.

So no, no way whatsoever.


Your graphics card sucks, lolz
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Isn't the max resolution of a screen the max number of pixels ON that screen?

i.e. increasing it is impossible.
No, there are are only so many pixels on the screen, you can't add more.
Yeah you can. 1920 x 1200 is your maximum on that screen. It's also your native resolution, so i'm not sure why you're running it at 1400 x 900.

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Sorry for the bump but I just got back here so yeah.

And, in my OP I linked to a screen that looked exactly like mine, and the name is only 1 letter different, but it's not mine. On my box it says the max resolution is 1440 x 900 so according to you guys and google and /g/, it's my max. Thanks.