Alright, I'm no drummer, but I've got a set at my house that we use for practice. It sounds pretty good, but the hi-hat is a piece of ****. Like, make your ears bleed P.O.S. So, I'm in the market for a new hi-hat. The thing is, since I'm not actually a drummer, I don't wanna blow $400+ on a hi hat that gets used maybe once a week. So, can any of you drummers on here help me out? Basically, I want a hi-hat that's durable, so I won't have to buy one again, and sounds decent enough to get us by for practice. Also, I'd like all this for under $200. Is this at all possible?


cheapest ones are usually magic. I haven't been in the market for a while, I'm happy with what I have, but I know that with every set I've bought, I got Magic 14" hi-hat. I still think they're pretty ok.
buy a zildjian or paiste one there cheap ones sound good

if possible could u mail me the old one mines made out of cheap metal and i need a new one

EDIT: it will probaly be between 50-200$ for a good one
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find a used pair of hihats at guitar center, youll get a barely used good set for at least half off
i got a almost new pair of zildjian a customs for $140
stands... find a sturdy looking cheap one

test it with ur fist

punch the stand where the hi hat would be

if it breaks tell the ppl to get that piece of sh*t out of there store

if it doesnt buy it before they realized u punched it
" i saw these 2 girls kiss and i i got all horny and stuff"