Does any one have any tips on tuning a 4 string to BF#BE?
Is that possible or is drop B only for 5 strings?
Are there any special strings I should get?

Sorry for the dumb questions, I'm not familiar at all with drop B. The lowest I've gone is drop C.
E -> down 2 1/2 tones -> B

A -> down 1 1/2 tones -> F#

D -> down 1 1/2 tones -> B

G -> down 1 1/2 tones -> E

You may want to use a higher string gauge than you do in EADG, to account for the lack of tension.
If you choose BEAD-strings, you will have to tune up the EAD-strings, and thats not recommended. Drop B is exactly like drop C, only 1 semitone lower on all strings. Buy slightly heavier gauge strings, and it's no problem.
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Alright, thanks guys. I'll head down to my local music store tomorrow and get some heavier strings.
Get as heavy as you can for a four-string set, or a lighter set for a five-string. It's possible to take a five string set and tune up the strings, but you'd need fairly light strings for that. A .130 .090 .070 .055 gauged set would do fine for that tuning, but you'll need a setup. Cheers, Drop B is a good tuning.
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