Wow, Ive been asking alot of questions about this lately. Whats a good way to play solos and stuff with a metronome, since it varies between quarter, eighth, and other notes and stuff, I lose focus on the beat. Do you think just playing with the metronome in the back is practice enough?
Slow it right down until you can play in time with the beat. Find which notes lie on the beat so you can accent them to help yourself keep in time. Then gradually increase the tempo.
Cool, I guess not being able to see things like timing is the reason for moving away from tabs. Is it just more dificult with tabs?
It's better if you can get a PowerTab or Guitar Pro tab of a song, so that you can hear it played back to you, and see the note rhythms.
Ya. Ive been trying to self teach myself how to read, but its becoming a slow process. I only really know the notes in the first position. Thats why Ive been using tab.