Yo. My US strat has this green corrosion/ rust forming on the exposed ends of frets (side of fingerboard) esp in most used areas of neck. Obviously sweat.. So is this normal? Should i use anti rust stuff?? I do wipe guitar body and hardware with guitar polish would this work for anti green rusty stuff? Also if i want to remove this cheeky bloody rust???..
yeah like that green colour some metals go, green is the metal oxide. Think mosque domes.. ON MY STRAT!
are you sure it isnt just dirty? try wiping with a wet cloth and see if the stuff comes off
then i have no idea. do you live in a humid environment like florida or southern america?
Well, I live in Hawaii, and it's quite humid here.

Get yourself a piece of cloth and start rubbing off the "grime" with your finger nail. If it doesn't come off, then...err...
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Well you can sctratch away some of it.. But it will return! Also you pick away some wood too
Surely someone else has had this on a strat??????????? I live in UK. Its not 'grime' its like green rust and its from my sweat i think cos its on most used parts of neck.
Well, to be exact, rust is technically only iron oxide. anything else is corrosion.

And yeah, the green stuff is that metal oxide, brass if i'm not mistaken, so just use some metal polish on it and it should be fine. just be VERY careful to get none of it on your fretboard.
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I've never heard of frets tarnishing before.. maybe Fender uses frets with high copper content?
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Use a very fine grade steel wool like Tackleberry mentioned. Along the lines of 0000 grade.

Once you've managed to clean it as best you can, get and use something like Fast Fret (from GHS) before and after each time you play/practice. It should help keep things cleaner, longer.
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