Hey all, no luck on craigslist so I'm opening up to the masses of the internet. Selling my Self-modded Keeley TS-808 and Carl martin Red Repeat.

First up is the 808. Was originally a straight Ibanez TS-9 Tubescreamer, but I first modded it to vintage 808 specs, then to Robert Keeley's specs when he does is TS-9 mod plus (www.robertkeeley.com) It sounds so much better than stock it's ridiculous. I used all the best components I could find, etc. Seriously read the details about it on the keeley site, it's great. In a quick overview, it has more AND less gain, smoother overdrive, doesn't get muddy in the bass. It's awesome.

Goes $160 new from Keeley, I'll let it go for $100 + shipping

Insides with mods (fat caps)

Outside (pro blue LED. EXTREMELY bright)

Next and finally is the Carl Martin Red Repeat delay pedal. This thing rocks. The only reason I'm getting rid of it is because I got a Carbon Copy and don't need two delays right now. It's a analog voiced digital delay, 800ms delay, and has a really cool tone knob that will get you anywhere from dark tape delay to bright digital. It's one of the best for the price, get's very analogy delays, very warm, not cold like a Boss or anything. Great delay.

They go for $125 new, charging $100 +shipping.

It's the large red one

Will ship with COD so no rip-offs may occur. Drop me a PM or something. Thanks for looking!

Edit: No trades. Sorry.
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No, I should have mentioned that, no trades. Need college moneys
im interested in the red repeat, if youd be willing to drop the price a bit (15-20 bucks)
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Shame shipping to the UK would be a pain in the arse.

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Love overdue bump

The 808 is sold, but I still want to get rid of the Red Repeat.