so i need to get a new phone, but i don't know what to go for. any suggestions?

id like it to have a good camera btw
Custom les paul copy with sun inlay
Epiphone les paul custom with emg 81/85
Hondo 80's star shape(project)
ESP explorer (project)
Epiphone dr200s
Epiphone ej200
mxr doubleshot distortion
Raven rg100
my first phone lasted quite awhile.
Teh almighty Nokia 1100!
McLovin is my hero!

It's not the going that the pit cares about.
It's the coming.
razr 2 v9 , sick phone, good camera, and quite alot of room for memory. Oh and 2 large screens plus a semi touch screen in the front. Or that sony ericcson that has a 5 mp camera.