So i need a new acoustic. I have a crappy yamaha c40 nylon, and i need to upgrade to a steel string. so heres my requests:
at least 350 dollars
i love takamine and taylor, but theyre a little expensive, but if theres a good one thats relatively cheap, please tell me
thanks guys
If I'm not mistaken theres a thread regarding this on the first page, in fact I think it's the first thread as well.
Technically, the under-$300 thread won't be applicable, as the TS said at least $350.

TS: What's your UPPER limit of your price range? Do you need electronics onboard? What kind of style, fingerpicking or strumming? What's the size you want?
I'd say the most i'll pay is 600. As for style its pretty much anything, but my main strength strumming. I'd like a versatile guitar though
Hmm, for $600 you can get decent all-solid guitars.

I would first look at the Guild GAD series (like GAD-25). Although it's personally not my cup of tea (and I'm willing to drop a few bucks more for something else), for that price range I think it's a great deal.

Blueridge (BR-140) is something else that's right at the edge of that price range. I haven't played this one myself yet, but it does get a lot of recommendations around here.

Those two models would be a good place to start... And of course, you should try them out in person before making a decision. BTW, the models I listed are of the Dreadnought size, as you prefer strumming and versatility.
Quote by iAmGuitarist
Taylor Big Baby is always a nice option. And it comes with a case!! :P

More like a gig bag (from most sites I've seen), which doesn't provide the protection a guitar needs anyway.

If you can afford a GAD, you shouldn't even mess with a Big Baby.