B.C. Rich Virgo (with humbuckers)


a Dean Razorback

i love both guitars, great sound, kickass bodys, plus great warrantys but if i was to get one which would be better all around?
i can't tell you nothing about nither one of the guitars but if i was you i'd go with a virgo.....everyones gonna come in here saying "OMFG IBANEZ FTW!!!!!!1111" or "LTD FTW!!!" but everyone has the dean razorbacks.....go with the virgo i'm sure you won't be disapointed
no that guy above me is a tard get a razorback everyone has them for a good ****ing guitar the neck is shaped diffeent and is much better for playing metal styals
I was actually really impressed by the Dean Razorback 255, only thing is it's a bit radical for me (I play in my schools jazz band, but if I didn't I'd actually consider it.) Only thing is I'd really keep the FR healthy, it's a pretty nice LFR but it's an LFR never the less. I mean it's only going to last so long if you really abuse it and don't have it set up right, but I have to say it was one of the best LFR's I've played.

I've never played the Virgo, but strictly by specs I'd go with the Razorback.