It's my first blues piece. C4C.
It all makes sense
We're capable of beauty
Through sounds that make on cringe
The dogs only hear us now

This was well done. Nice and layed back with a bluesly feel to it.

I thought the solos were well written. Solos dont need to be incredibly fast and all that other junk. its all about the feel

The Drums were definetly different with all the toms and everything but it worked out well with the rythym.

The only criticism i can give is that i would have thrown a little more pulloffs and bends in transitions. blues always has that feel to it.

Overall 4/5 Keep up the good work
It sounds very nice overall and has a very good bluesy feel. I'd give you an 7/10.

I liked bar 40 alot.

the things i didn't enjoy too much were bars 44, 61 the pause was a bit akward.
the transition into the solo could have been a bit better.
I love bluesy stuff. I love Gary Moore and Ritchie Blackmore. Ur piece sounded very Deep Purple like, i love that kind of sounding. A little bit faster tempo and it'll be even better. I really like the little breaks like 43 and 40. The "Intro" part was really cool.

Really, i like ur creation. It's creamy, groovy, bluesy. High fire. 7.3/10 \m/
You've really got that bluesy feel down! I didn't really like the drums at all though.

Throw in some more dynamics and this song will have a nice edge to it.

Honestly, I thought it was great until the intro ended and verse 1 started. For some reason I feel like I'm hearing alot of out of key notes...maybe that was your intention but I personally think it makes it pretty grueling to listen to. Even the solo sounded off...But I noticed when I muted the bass the rhythm parts sounded alot better.

I wish I could be more in depth but I dont know, this sounded really off to me.
what song is that intro riff from? i recorgnise it....
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I dug the intro, had a cool feel to it.

The verse was quite awkward. Bars 17 and 19 kind of threw the feel off, and bars 20 and 24 were way off. Bar 20 implies an F chord, which is completely out of key unless you're playing E Phrygian blues. Bar 24 is Dm Pentatonic, which also has absolutely no place in E blues. As well as being in the wrong key, they both completely break rhythm.

Prechorus continues the trend of awkwardness I'm just not feeling these chord changes, they seem to all be coming in at the wrong place and time, especially for a blues song.

Solo might have been okay, but again you're nowhere near the right key, so it's just plain bad as it is, and that's actually kind of sad, because you're licks and phrases and general idea were right on the mark.

Outro solo. So the previous solo you were playing a lot of Dm Pentatonic, now you're playing Am Pentatonic just way off key.

Now... The drums. I hate to say, but they were beyond bad. You were too busy with random fills, and completely fail to provide a solid beat you can simply bob your head to, without that your song just has no feel, and it's not blues.

The bass is equally bad. It felt like it was just kind of wandering around aimlessly. You'd have been better off with the bass hamming out 8th notes on the root for the entire song.

I know I'm being rather harsh here and the last thing I want to do is discourage you from writing music, you've got some really good ideas but there are some things you really need to get worked out.

First, get your rhythm section down. A solid drum and bass track will make all the difference.

Second, learn your keys, and stick with them, especially if you're going for blues.