i just bought a strap and stand

@the strap
i put it on and its very weird (i have been playing for 6 months, and have only played sitting down resting my guitar on my right leg). its sortof heavy on my shoulder (ibanez ict700). its not like sitting down, and i have to angle my wrist in a weird way so i can fret properly. i was looking forward to pretending im daron malakian while practicing but this strap hurts me =[ maybe the length is off or something, how long should the strap be? can someone halp me plz
do not have it too low to start off have it at the height it would be as if you were sitting down with back straight. if you have it too low you could injure yourself and it really looks stupid lol. and playing with a strat is way different then sitting down, and like everything it takes getting used to. ive been playing for 4 months and when i play with a strap it really brings down me speed and accuracy, and you really dont need to be standing up and playing after 6 months, its not like your gonna do a gig already. so just find the right position that is comfortable and also allows you to play.

here is mine
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